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Agile Innovation management:
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Introduction to Agile Innovation Management

Innovation is critical to the success of any business, and with the rapid pace of technological advancements, it is more important than ever to identify growth opportunities while minimizing risk. An Agile approach is ideally suited to cultivating new opportunities as the methods focus on rapid learning, experimentation, incremental investment, and deep collaboration.

Agile PD Pros provides the skills and tools needed to bring market and technical opportunities to life while mitigating potential risk. Whether you have an established Innovation Management program or just seeking to build in the benefits of Agile, we work closely with you to identify areas for improvement, set metrics, develop leaders and guide implement implementation in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes success, including: 

  1. Building idea and opportunity pipelines using Agile methods
  2. Clarifying the roles in Agile Innovation Management and developing the agile skills to succeed
  3. Providing the framework for innovation governance including prioritization and incremental funding approaches to minimize risk
  4. Methods to develop rapid prototyping and customer engagement strategies

Agile methods, like the MAHD Framework, can turn a frustrating process into a streamlined innovation engine with rapid learning cycles, collaborative tools, and execution transparency.

 Many companies treat advanced R&D and innovation pipelines as separate processes. This can work, but creates unnecessary barriers in communication and inefficiencies. Innovation Management is part of the Complete MAHD Framework to manage entire product development systems from ideation and portfolios to sustaining engineering activities.

Complete MAHD

Learn more about the Complete MAHD Framework.

The Elements of Managing an Innovation Pipeline

Element Description
Idea Generation The process of generating new and innovative ideas for products, services, or processes through brainstorming, market research, or other methods.
Idea Screening The process of evaluating ideas to determine their feasibility and potential value. Ideas are assessed based on criteria such as market demand, resource availability, and strategic fit.
Concept Development The process of refining an idea into a concept that can be tested and evaluated further. This includes developing a prototype or mockup and conducting market research to gather feedback.
Testing and Validation The process of testing and validating the concept to determine its viability and potential success in the marketplace. This may include conducting surveys, focus groups, or pilot studies.
Launch and Commercialization The process of bringing the product or service to market, including developing a marketing plan, securing funding, and establishing distribution channels.
Post-Launch Evaluation The process of evaluating the success of the innovation after it has been launched, including gathering customer feedback, assessing financial performance, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Agile Innovation Management Programs

Agile PD Pros Agile Innovation Management programs blend innovation project pipeline management, R&D leadership, and agile mastery to give R&D teams and innovation leaders the skills and tools to succeed.

Building Opportunity Pipelines

Agile methods can be perfectly adapted to manage idea campaigns, drive opportunity analysis and build dynamic pipelines of growth opportunities.

Managing Agile Innovation Projects

At its core, agile principles and the MAHD Framework are ideally suited to manage innovation projects through incremental learning and investment cycles.

Agile Leadership Certification

Technical and product management with agile skills become experts at leading innovation efforts from ideation to hitting targeted learning milestones.

Contact us to learn more about our Agile Innovation Management programs and how agile to deliver more high-potential growth opportunities at lower risk.

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