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Agile for Hardware:
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Intro to MAHD Learning Modules

Agile PD Pros provides learning modules to implement the MAHD Framework based on your goals ranging from Executive Overviews to comprehensive transformation programs.

  • Core Project MAHD Programs: Skills for teams to initiate agile projects in the right direction and execute iterative development cycles. 
  • MAHD Leader Certification Programs: Skills to become certified leaders in agile product, project and technical manager roles. 
  • Complete MAHD Throughout the PLC Programs: Skills to build agility throughout the product development process from strategic portfolio management to sustaining engineering
  • Special Agile Transformation Topics Programs: Important topics and skills to guide effective transformation to become an agile organization.

These modules can be offered as a standard training program, but are often starting points to develop a custom program based on your situation and goals. Contact us for complete program descriptions or to discuss your needs. To get started quickly, browse our online programs and register for an upcoming workshop.

MAHD Learning Modules

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Core Project MAHD Programs

These programs focus on the key elements of the Core MAHD Framework to build the skills necessary for teams to initiate and execute agile projects. Designed for teams to learn foundation agile for hardware skills and get started quickly.


Foundations of Agile For Hardware

• Key MAHD elements & roles
• Sample project walkthrough
• Getting started

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The MAHD On-ramp: Preparing for Project Success

• Setting project priorities
• Defining valuable products
• Initial IPAC Iteration & backlog


MAHD Execution:
Plan. Execute. Learn. Repeat.

• IPAC Iterations and sprints
• Dependencies & lead times
• Overcoming challenges

MAHD Leader Certification Programs

These programs focus on providing deeper skills and tools for the three key roles responsible for leading agile projects. Certified leaders will also demonstrate proficiency in their role to become fully certified. Learn more about MAHD Leader Certification at:


Certified MAHD Product Manager/Owner

• Setting strategic priorities
• Customer engagement strategies
• Making “done” decisions


Certified MAHD Project Leader

• Facilitating agile success
• Conflict resolution skills
• Communicating progress


Certified MAHD Technical Leader

• Setting meaningful IPAC goals
• Task estimation & acceptance
• Team coaching skills

Complete MAHD PLC Programs

Complete MAHD learning modules focus on going being agile projects to building agility into each element of the product life cycle starting with portfolio management and on through sustaining engineering efforts.


Introduction to the Complete MAHD Framework

• Complex project management
• Managing team of teams
• Agile PLC Management


Agile Production Readiness w/MAHD

• Integrating quality and Lean
• Driving valuable activities
• Sustaining engineering success


Agile Portfolio Management w/MAHD

• The MAHD portfolio approach
• Setting portfolio metrics
• Managing MAHD portfolios


Agile Innovation Management w/MAHD

• Filling the innovation pipeline
• Driving advanced R&D projects
• Managing uncertainty w/agile

Special Agile Transformation Topics

Many organizations are attempting to transition to agile for hardware from other processes such as Stage-gate or SAFe. These targeted programs are samples of what we provide to assist in these transitions.


Executive Overview: Benefits of Agile for HW Organizations

• What makes HW unique
• Key benefits of MAHD
• Sucess case studies


Making the Transition to Agile: Building a Roadmap to Success

• Addressing transition challenges
• Identifying transition elements
• Building your transition roadmap


HW for Scrum Masters: Leading HW Teams to Agile Success

• Key HW vs. SW Deltas
• Aligning across disciplines
• Lead times & dependencies


Making SAFe Safe for HW: Optimizing SAFe for Physical Products & Systems

• Setting HW-based IP targets
• Roles and artifacts: step-by-step
• Integrating HW elements

MAHD Implementation

Transitioning to a new process often takes more than training. Learn more about our transformation programs that provide a comprehensive approach to incrementally implementing agile practices. Typical elements of a transformation program include: 

  1. Assess and Plan
  2.  Learn & Prepare
  3. Pilot & Learn
  4. Evaluate & Refine
  5. Certify & Rollout

To learn more about these steps, contact us.
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