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Introduction to Agile PM

As a vital role in every organization, Product Managers must take responsibility for the success of their products from concept to commercialization.  As opposed to the traditional plan and execute product management, Agile Product Management emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement in the development and delivery of products.  See the table on the right highlighting the differences between Agile Product Management and Traditional Product Management.

Agile PD Pros provides Agile Product Management skills and methods to deliver high-quality products faster, improve customer satisfaction, and increase team productivity. From product discovery to delivery, we cover all aspects of Agile Product Management to help you succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing market, including: 

  1. How to lead and participate in product portfolio management and planning
  2. Developing product strategies and roadmaps that take advantage of agile methods
  3. The different skills and responsibilities of Product Managers and Product Owners
  4. Working effectively with hardware and software agile teams to guide priorities and optimize customer value

Traditional PM Vs. Agile PM

Aspect Traditional PM Agile PM
Development Process Waterfall Iterative
Requirements Upfront analysis Continuous discovery
Development Cycles Long Short
Approach to Development Linear Flexible and adaptable
Customer Involvement Limited Continuous
Emphasis Predictability and stability Adaptability and responsiveness
Structure Hierarchical Self-organizing, cross-functional teams
Product Delivery Complete product Incremental delivery of value
Success Metrics On-time delivery and adherence to plan Customer satisfaction and business value

Agile Product Management Programs

Product Managers and Owners are at the core of driving customer value and must blend strategy, leadership agile mastery. Agile PD Pros give Product Leaders the skills to lead agile teams to market success with the skills and agile methods to define, quantify and validate product value.​

Foundations of Agile Product Management

- Defining and quantifying value
- Writing effective user stories
- Developing Agile Vision Briefs
- Methods to prioritize features

Targeted Product Leadership Skills

- Financial product management skills
- Establishing clear strategic guidance
- Translating customer voices
- Analyzing competition

Agile Product Management Certification

- Meaningful learning milestones
- Guiding R&D to market success
- Setting up customer feedback loops
- Balancing customer & market direction

Contact us to learn more about our Product Management programs and give Product Managers and Owners the skills to drive agile success.

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