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Agile PD Pros provides proven programs for developers of hardware-based products and systems to enhance team productivity and deliver more value in less time. Our workshops are designed to: 

  • Build agile skills rapidly with hands-on practice with your specific projects
  • Apply the skills immediately through real-world examples and industry solutions
  • Provide tools and templates for a rapid path to your own agile-enabled NPD process

Browse our scheduled online workshops or contact us to customize a program that can range from essential agile skills to a full agile transformation of your organization.

Built on the MAHD Framework

Our programs are built on the MAHD Framwork as well as 20 years of developing product management and innovation programs based on lean, design-thinking, along with targeted tools and methods proven by years of 

Can Software Teams Benefit?

Almost every team we work with develops products that include significant software elements. While we often employ the MAHD Framework to address the needs of physical product development, SW organizations also highly rate our programs to provide a framework to deliver more value and growth through: 

  • Strategic product roadmaps that lead to a clear vision
  • Developed a unified agile approach with SAFe, Scrum and other processes
  • Tools and methods to initiate agile projects with the right focus and priorities
  • A scaled, flexible approach to manage the entire PLC with agile principles

Featured Live Workshop

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    A Comprehensive Overview of the MAHD Framework, What's Unique, and How to Get Started


    Tues. Jun 18, 2024: 11:00AM ET

    Tues. Aug 20, 2024 11:00AM ET

    Tues. Oct 15. 2024 11:00AM ET

    A Comprehensive Overview of the MAHD Framework, What's Unique, and How to Get Started


    Tues. Jun 18, 2024: 11:00AM ET

    Tues. Aug 20, 2024 11:00AM ET

    Tues. Oct 15. 2024 11:00AM ET


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Summary of Our Programs

Scheduled Online Workshops

Immediately register for our most popular scheduled workshops with a live MAHD specialist. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our unconditional refund policy..

On-demand Agile for Hardware Learning

For teams of five or more, contact us to schedule one workshop or a series. This also allows us to customize the program and focus on specific project challenges.

Custom Learning and Transformation Programs

Let Agile PD Pros design a program right for your situation and goals that can range from executive overviews targeted to your industry to complete agile transformations.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Agile PD Pros offers a full money-back guarantee within 60 days of attending any workshop if you are not satisfied for any reason. However, in order to qualify for the refund, we kindly ask that you agree not to share or utilize the materials you have received from us.

Our goal is to ensure a fair exchange of knowledge and protect the integrity of our workshop content. By agreeing not to use the materials, you allow us to maintain the value and exclusivity of the information shared during the workshop. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further clarification. We’re here to assist you!